The Barryroe Parish website now enables people to give donations online

There are now two options on the website where visitors have the choice to send a donation online.

Barryroe Parish Church

Prayer Requests

After submitting a Prayer Request people will be presented with a Thank you message that includes an option, if appropriate, to send a donation to the Parish Priest.

Offertory Collection

The other option is the facility to donate to the Offertory Collection.  You can choose to donate just once or tick a checkbox to donate weekly.

Links to the Offertory Collection can be found on the right hand side of the Catchup Page of previous Masses

There is also a link to the Offertory at the bottom left of the website.

Consider Registering

If you intend to give regularly you might want to consider registering an account as this has some further benefits

You can read more here How and Why Register?

What if I don't wish to give online?

The option to give online doesn't suit everyone.  Parishioners can still post envelopes through the letterbox at the Parochial House next to the Parish Church, Barryroe

If you have any questions about the new donate buttons or need any support please

Contact Denis O'Regan

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