Updated Friday 27 November 2020

Volunteers have been meeting to plan the reopening of churches in the parish for Mass.

Here is a summary of what is planned so far (further updates will be published on the website and you can subscribe to receive Notices directly to your email)


The names of Stewards are published in the Rota and the Calendar

Feeling Unwell?

If you are feeling unwell please pray at home

Mass will continue to be available as a livestream on the website

Sunday Obligation

The Church has clarified that during these extraordinary times there is no obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday. Any single day of the week will suffice.

Weekday Masses

from Monday 7 December...

  • 9:30am on Mondays at Barryroe Parish Church (Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea)
  • 9:30am on Tuesdays at Courtmacsherry Church (Sacred Heart Church)
  • 9:30am on Wednesdays at Barryroe Parish Church (Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea)
  • 9:30am on Saturdays at Barryroe Parish Church (Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea)

Sunday Masses

As from Sunday 13 December...

  • 9:30am at Courtmacsherry Church (Sacred Heart Church)
  • 11:00am at Barryroe Parish Church (Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea)

Some simple Safety Rules for Mass

  • In line with the latest government advice, we ask that to protect yourself and others you wear a mask when attending Mass

Please wear a Mask

  • In line with Bishop Fintan's request and latest research you should also refrain from singing in the congregation - Watch this two-minute video clip from Bill Gates
  • Numbers of people allowed inside the church will be limited
  • Once the maximum number of people have been reached, Barryroe Church plans to relay mass via speakers for people socially distanced outdoors (weather permitting)
  • You will be welcomed by a steward and encouraged to use a hand sanitiser (both on entering and leaving)
  • You will be asked to follow the guidance of stewards as to where to sit in order to observe safe social distancing
  • Pews where people may sit are marked with a green tick

green tick on pew

  • Some of the Pews have been blocked off to aid Social Distancing

closed off pew

  • This will mean that you may not necessarily sit where you normally do
  • Members of a household may sit together

People living in the same household may share a pew

  • Everyone ministering Holy Communion will sanitise and wear a face mask
  • Stewards will guide you when to queue in a safe orderly fashion
  • When queuing for Holy Communion you should keep a distance from the person in front - observe these signs on the floor

Please wait here

  • You are asked to receive Holy Communion in the hand (Do not touch your facemask before receiving the host)

You are asked to receive Holy Communion in the hand

  • Please follow the one-way path back to your seat - follow the arrows on the floor

arrows on the floor

  • If you are outside the church you will be invited in by a steward for Communion and when you have received you should proceed outdoors again
  • Collection Baskets will be at the door as you leave Mass


  • Please take Missalettes and any belongings with you as you leave

Please take Missalette Home

  • You are encouraged to use the hand sanitiser again as you leave
  • The Church will be thoroughly sanitised by volunteers after every Mass
  • If you do not or cannot come to church - Mass will be available as a livestream on the website
  • Watch the Video Guildelines

Further updates to these plans will be published on the website, the mailing list and Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/BarryroeParish

Please could all volunteers provide their details by subscribing here

Check the Volunteer Rota

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