Are you grieving?

Bereavement is any significant loss in our lives. Grief is our natural response to this loss, Death is a very significant loss, but bereavement can also be in marriage breakdown, or miscarriage just to mention a few.

The process of grief can take time, it is a journey which has to be worked through. Grief is unique to each person, the greater the loss the more painful it can be. One of the greatest healers of grief is to share. A support group like Clonakilty Bereavement Support Group is a wonderful way to work through the pain of grief, where you feel understood, listened to, and encouraged to look inwards at your own inner strengths.

We are offering support over a 5-week period commencing:

Tuesday 20 February 2024
8:00pm in Clonakilty

This is a free service.  For more information please phone:

023 883 5654

or Send Your Message Here

Are you grieving?Are you grieving?