A message from Father Dave O'Connell following the Government announcements 21 Jan 2022

By now you will have heard the good news lifting nearly all Covid-19 restrictions that have been part of our lives for the last couple of years.

With regard to churches the changes are not so different as the wearing of masks will continue until it is reviewed on the 28th February.

As of Saturday 22nd January the ministry of stewards will no longer be necessary.

Father Dave O'ConnellFather Dave O'Connell

Thanks to our volunteers

I would like to thank our ‘safety angels’ most sincerely for all the time they have given welcoming us at church entrances, guiding us during Communion and sanitising the church afterwards. You were very much part of the Team that enabled our parishioners to continue the precious act of worship safely.

I ask all that enter church to continue to use the hand sanitizers provided to help protect our community.  See the updated Safety Guidelines

It will take time for everyone to adjust so let us be sensitive and patient during this time to those with concerns you yourself may not have. Also I confirm that weekly live stream Mass is here to stay and will continue to be made available via the website at barryroe.ie

I will keep you informed as I await further information from the Diocesan Office.

Fr Dave O’Connell

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